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Galaxia GunZ V6 Official Post

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H ey Galaxiagamers, 
The new version of Galaxy Gunz is finally ready!

We hope everyone likes ...



online 2010


We are here before continuing wanted to thank all users who have always been with us since the beginning of Galaxy Gunz. 



Galaxy Gunz is a server set up in early 2010, with over 6 years of experience, Galaxy GunZ provides a stable and balanced server to please everyone, even if you have not played the server, we invite you to do it now!


Homepage:  Home | GunZ Galaxy
Registration:  Registration | Galaxy GunZ
Forum: Forum | GalaxiaGamers

Fan Page: Fan Page | GalaxiaGunz



There are several options and modifications are available to you.
The Anti-Lead system is automatically enabled on the server, but if you prefer to play lead, you can use the option of room [LEAD].


Custom Maps & Items | GunZ 1.5 | Custom Roomtags & Command | Dedicated Server  | 24/7 Online | Anti-Lead + Lead  |


qQASmQG.png Custom game-modes: Spy, Infected, Gun Game
qQASmQG.png Custom Music Media Player, Extra options
qQASmQG.png New Ugrade Colors Cambiantes, Single Inteface
qQASmQG.png Daily Events, large number and variety of events per day!
qQASmQG.png Scoreboards New
qQASmQG.png Custom Quests, ClanWars, Ladder, etc.
qQASmQG.png Dash Item Equippable
qQASmQG.png Killstreak System in options
qQASmQG.png 6+ Characters
qQASmQG.png 3+ Custom Cosshair
qQASmQG.png Cw + Ladder Selection Maps
qQASmQG.png New VIP Shop with Unique Items
qQASmQG.png Professional & Staff Active, Moderators and Developers
qQASmQG.png Custom Command (Enter the command / Command )
qQASmQG.png And much more you have to discover!

qQASmQG.png VIP range (You can enter full user room with a maximum of 2 VIP users per full room).

qQASmQG.png Compatibility with Virtual Machines! (You can already open the Gunz in VirtualBox, VMWare.etc ..)

qQASmQG.png Choose the keys to change the music inside the Gunz in Options

qQASmQG.png Custom Items of Galaxia Gunz

qQASmQG.png 100% efficient Anti-Hack!

qQASmQG.png VPS (Virtual Private Server)


















We have a fully trained team that offered them help and support in any problems that arise. With full knowledge about the game and the community.


Staff  list Staff | GalaxiaGunz


Enough talk .. we go to the download!


Just use our  new website  to download the client:

Choose one of the available links, download, install and play 

- - - 

Also, check out the new updates to our website that will love!

GalaxiaGamers Staff

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